In North Dakota a person may not act as a real estate broker or advertise or assume to act as a real estate broker without a license issued by the Real Estate Commission. The following provides general licensing information for real estate brokers.

Licensing requirements:
  1. An applicant for a real estate broker's license shall have been actively engaged as a licensed real estate salesperson for a period of two years preceding the date of application.
    "Actively engaged" means that the applicant must have devoted the applicant's full time as a licensed real estate salesperson. 
  2. An applicant shall have had experience as determined by the Commission to be substantially equal to that which a licensed real estate salesperson would ordinarily receive during a 2-year period.
  3. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  4. To obtain a North Dakota real estate license all applicants must submit $8.00 with their application for a credit report.
  5. Each licensee applying for a real estate broker license must complete the Personal Authorization for Criminal History Record Check Request form. 


Criminal background check:

Each licensee applying for a real estate broker license must complete and submit the Personal Authorization for Criminal History Record Check Request form with the Broker License Application. 

Once a Broker License Application, fees, and the Criminal History Record Check Request is received by the NDREC office a Fingerprinting Kit will be mailed to you, including:

  1. Instructions
  2. (2) Fingerprint Cards
  3. List of Possible Locations Offering Fingerprinting

Upon getting fingerprinted you will need to mail the following back to the NDREC office:

  1. Completed Fingerprinting cards.
  2. Check or Money Order for $40.00 made out to the ND Attorney General.
Education requirements:
  1. In addition to the 45 hours of pre-licensing education an applicant for a broker's license must have successfully completed an additional 60 hours in courses of study approved by the Commission as broker level education prior to making application to the Commission. Education must have been taken within 5 years of said application. Educational requirements may not be waived by the Commission but certain educational courses of study which are closely related to the real estate profession may be deemed to have satisfied the education requirement.
License fee:
  1. $120 application fee
  2. $120 annual renewal fee (real estate licenses expire December 31st of each year unless renewed)
Examination information:
  1. Applicants will be provided a letter of approval and test ID number. Once received they may contact AMP to schedule a time to take the examination.
  2. Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) administers the broker examination at H&R Block locations in Bismarck and Fargo. For further information:
Errors & Omissions Insurance:
  1. North Dakota requires all active licensees to carry errors and omission insurance, proof of which must be provided to the Commission office prior to the issuance of a real estate license.
Education, Research & Recovery Fund:
  1. Any person who is licensed for the first time is required to pay $20 into the Education, Research & Recovery Fund at the time of licensing. This fee is paid by the licensee only once.
Continuing Education requirements:

The continuing education cycle for North Dakota licensees is 9 hours annually. Licensees must complete 9 hours of ce (3 of which may be in a mandatory course) prior to renewing their licenses. Accepted ce must be taken between January 1st and December 31st.



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